Katie’s tips for finding child care in Minnesota

Finding a childcare provider, whether you are a first time parent, or in need of a new provider, can be a daunting task. Endless searching, calling, interviewing, to find that perfect match for your family takes away from time spent with your family and adds stress to already busy life.

When I was looking for childcare for my son, I was clueless about how to start. I Googled childcare providers in the area, and the results were endless. To me, it was scary to have to call or contact all of these providers to see if they would have an infant opening in the near future. So what did I do? I put it off, thinking I will find one someday before I have to go back to work after giving birth. This was a bad idea on my part. Time was running out when I help came from out of nowhere and I found a provider for my son that was close to where we lived and fit all of our criteria! And how did I find her you ask? On the recommendation from one of my mom’s relatives that lives in our area. Crazy.

Not everyone has family to help them, so how do you find the right provider for you? littleSonder is your one stop shop for finding a provider for your family! We provide a great search tool to find providers in your area. Once you and your provider find each other we keep you connected. Let us help you make that first connection, and every connection in the future!

Moving on from the task of searching out providers, now you need to interview them. But what questions should you ask them? After all this is someone who will care for your precious child? For me, I went into the interview completely at a loss of what to ask, I pretty much let our provider do all the talking, and then when my husband and I left, we talked in the car on the way home and I came up with so many questions that were left unanswered because I wasn’t prepared.
So if I had to do it all over, and I was using littleSonder as my guide, I would research all providers I was interested in, and compile a list of questions ahead of time. Don’t know where to start with compiling questions, check out my littleList entitled “Katie’s tips for finding childcare in Minnesota” and you will be well on your way to being prepared for those interviews with potential providers.

After all the interviews have been conducted, the actual hard part comes next. Picking one of those providers. That’s a decision that I can’t help you with, but hopefully you found some help above that will drive you towards picking the best care for your child.

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