November is National Adoption Month


November is National Adoption month. All month organizations that support child adoption run campaigns on social media and their own websites to raise awareness. Here at littleSonder we are pro-children and not only young children but older children. We believe that all children who come into this world deserve to be loved and cherished and as we all know that is simply not the case.


Everyone wants to adopt young children but not many people consider older children. Why is that? Here in Minnesota we have 488 children who need homes and of that number 25% are under 6 years old. The included graphic breaks down the numbers for you. Stop and think about it.


Almost 500 are children waiting to become part of a family and unlike in years past there are a number of resources to help you navigate the process. To help you we have put together resources on our Pinterest and Facebook pages! Check back during the month as we post more about adoption as it has affected people we know and love!

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