How do I choose which Fall conference to attend?

Fall is right around the corner and speeding quickly our way. Where did the time go? And with school starting soon or already started it’s time for child care providers to do some thinking about their own education, specifically Minnesota providers.

Here at littleSonder we recently sent out a newsletter (if you didn’t get one sign up here) alerting Minnesota Providers about 4 Conferences around the state. Well we decided to go further and create this graphic for you highlighting key pieces about each conference specifically:

  • Host
  • Date
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Keynote Speaker
  • And which areas of training for the Minnesota Knowledge & Competency Framework (KCF) will be offered

Here are a few questions to help you pick a conference to attend: 

Does it matter to you who hosts the event?

  • In the case of the Minnesota Child Care Provider Information Network members get a discount.
  • Both Milestones and Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation’s conference promise to draw a large number of people. Definitely something to consider if you aren’t fond of crowds and prefer a smaller event.

Date? Yep, we all have busy lives…so fitting one more thing into an already busy calendar. Two of the events are coming up fast in September and the other two are the end of October right before Halloween.

Location, location, location: It’s much easier to go to an event close to home; you save on gas money and hotels

  • Three conferences are located in the Southern portion of the state.
  • One is in the Southwest region.
  • One conference is in Duluth which is great if you live in the Northern half of the state or are looking for a getaway, see our next point cost.

Cost? This is always a concern for a small business owner but is it worth to go to Owatonna for the low cost conference when you might have to spring for a hotel room. In that case maybe you want to make it a girls weekend? Or a weekend away with your partner? Or maybe a family getaway?

FYI, we’ll highlight a few littleList suggestions for you in the weeks ahead of how to take a conference weekend and turn it into a getaway.

Keynote Speaker: Do you enjoy hearing from an expert in the field? Someone who speaks knowledgeably and from experience about children?

KCF training areas? Let’s not forget that fulfilling those different pieces of the MN KCF are important for maintaining your MN license and the reason for attending a conference.

Lastly: Hanging out with other providers is a great way to share your experiences and hear other provider’s experiences. After all these are the people who understand what it’s like to literally be the only adult in the room.

Links to the Conference Providers:

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