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We believe it’s important to support other women entrepreneurs. There are so many amazing women who have gone out on their own and created businesses, brought ideas to life, built things all because they had a dream, a vision. We want to show you the women we have met on our journey to make our vision come to life, because who knows one of them might be the sonder in your life; the random passerby who appears once yet leaves a lasting impression. Do check back as we feature new women entrepreneurs. Drop us a note and tell us about someone you think we should meet. #womenentrepreneur #girlboss #womensupportingwomen

Jen Kelly FOR WEB 150x150

Jen Kelly

At KeliComm, we capture our client’s authentic brand through professional headshot and portrait photography. We specialize exclusively with business professionals. Combining our 25+ years of business and executive communications expertise with our photography services, we deliver a personalized photography experience that captures our client’s unique style and personal brand.
Jen is often asked how she got started in photography. “I worked in corporate America as a corporate communications professional for many years, but photography was always my passion,” says Jen. “I dreamed of making photography a full-time career. After spending more than 25 years in corporate communications, I decided to launch KeliComm Headshots. My comfort zone is working with business professionals, which helps me put them at ease.”

Jen has coached CEOs and executives in their communications; prepped executives to speak to thousands of employees; and helps them communicate with constituents and present themselves in a way that exudes confidence, trust and approachability.
The pivotal point for Jen’s headshot photography was being mentored and coached by the world’s best headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, and being named an Associate of his studio.

In addition, to Jen’s photography expertise, Jen leverages her executive communications experience to help launch small businesses like littleSonder. In addition to writing the content for the littleSonder website, Jen worked with Katie and Candace on the overall site layout and design, and helped them identify the right resources for the technical development and graphic design.  For more information about KeliComm Headshots, visit their website.

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