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Christine Devitt

Christine Devitt

Christine Devitt graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from Concordia College Moorhead. After graduating, she explored her love of teaching early childhood music for 5 years. Last year, Christine made the choice to share her knowledge of music and its benefits in the classroom as a trainer for Minnesota Department of Human Services through Develop approved trainings. She now helps early childhood institutions as a Grants Program Assistant through Think Small on top of being a trainer.

I started creating and presenting trainings to show educators how beneficial and accessible classroom music is for every child. I also wanted to show everyone how to easily incorporate music in the classroom even if someone believes themselves to be “non-musical”.

Learn about Music, kid, movement & stress #1

by Katie & Candace | Chat with Early Childhood Trainer Christine Devitt

In this first episode we chat with Christine Devitt. Join us and learn about her journey in becoming an Early Childhood Trainer for Minnesota Childcare Providers. Specifically, hear about her love of music and how she teaches providers ways to incorporate it into their programs.

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