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– Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Candace Wilhelm

Candace Wilhelm

CEO & CoFounder littleSonder

“By the pricking of my thumbs,

Something wicked this way comes’

– The Weird Sisters, Macbeth


Something wicked this way comes is me back in the day dressed as a clown with what has to be the worst makeup ever! That costume was amazing. I remember wearing it until I could no longer squeeze into it. The strange part? Beside the weird makeup, I can’t stand clowns or the ?circus.

Nevertheless, I love ?Halloween! There’s something magical about it. After all, this is the night when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. This is when witches fly and the souls of the dead may return to the living! And this Halloween with it’s ? full moon promises so much!

Some of my best childhood memories are from ?Halloween. One in particular stands out from when we lived in New Jersey. It was late by the time my dad came home from work. I was waiting quietly, anxious to go; worried that all of the ?candy would be gone. Dad and I went door to door on one side of the street until we arrived at the bottom of the street. As we walked I could see houses on the other side of the street were turning off their lights, which meant no ?candy.

Finally, we arrived at the bottom of the street where the houses sat on our community’s little lake. One house still had their light on. We were not supposed to trick-or-treat at that house, according to my mom. What can I say she was a control freak!

Dad asked me if I wanted to knock on their door. Of course, I did. The neighborhoods kids talked about this house. They gave out ?popcorn balls, caramel apples and cider. And I’m pretty sure adult beverages. We went inside and it was glorious! The adults talked and laughed and I ate to my heart’s content. Best ?Halloween ever!

Halloween is truly a kid centered holiday. Oh sure adults dress up and party but it’s not like being a kid. I mean what other night of the year do kids get to run freely demanding treats from adults? Yes, as parents we worry. In years past we worried over what could be in their treats. We watched over them as they go through the neighborhood. But this year is different because of the Covid.

Are you concerned about ?Halloween this year?

Are your thumbs ?️pricking/tingling?

Do you sense something ?wicked/foreboding?

After all, 2020 has had more twists and turns than an ? 80’s prime-time soap. Okay, that reference definitely dates me! No matter, we’re days away from the greatest kid day of the year; that ?candy filled extravaganza Trick-or-Treat night. And the internets are filled with parents wondering should I send my kids out?

Meanwhile everyone else is asking should I expect little ghouls and goblins at my door? Me I’m planning on handing out candy. Because I think that despite everything we as adults have to step up and give kids the magic of Halloween.

Best, Candace ?

?Down below I listed 3 of my favorite books. FYI, I have a lot of favorite books.

  1. The first is Ray Bradbury’s, Something Wicked This Way Comes. It’s a dark novel involving what else, a traveling carnival. The movie version is excellent
  2. Next up, a ghost story, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I loved this story. It felt mysterious and borderline creepy.
  3. Last, Amanda M. Lee delivers a fun read with Freaky Days the first in the Mystic Caravan series. Amanda writes about a group of monster hunters who travel the US as part of a ?circus.

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