helping parents and providers manage kid-busy lives

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what is littleSonder?

littleSonder is there in the background, ready when you need it. Waiting for you to call us onstage, waiting to help ease the inherited craziness, waiting to slow the traffic of life speeding by. And when we’ve finished helping you we back offstage, where we wait ,ready to assist at the next moment’s notice. Our story


Search for parents, locate providers, connect with each other. Create, use and save littleLists to keep track of your search results.


We keep you connected and we help you manage your relationships. We stay with you once you’ve found each other.


Share the great information you find on littleSonder. Provide updates and information about your children only to those you choose.


Sort through the craziness of life with our littleLists. We save you time by putting the information together in one handy place.

as easy as a littleList


Create, save and customize multiple lists to help you organize your important family details. Include links to vital resources, notes about essential family information or just store fun information. Share your lists with key providers and your littleSonder network, or have a combination of public and private lists.

explore littleLists

for parents

littleSonder helps
you manage:

  • your child’s history
  • your child’s growth
  • your child’s life

for providers

littleSonder helps
you manage:

  • your childcare records
  • your government records
  • your parental notifications

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