The Buck Full Moon July 2023

The Buck Moon: Exploring Nature’s Miracle with Kids aged 4-10

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🌕✨ Celebrating the Mystical Buck Moon! 🦌✨🌕

What is July’s full moon called?

Welcome to an enchanting journey through the celestial wonders of the Buck Moon! In this educational post, we’ll introduce your young ones aged 4-10 to the captivating world of the Buck Moon, also known as the Thunder Moon. Join us as we unravel the significance of this celestial event and explore its magical connection with nature.

The Buck Moon

The Buck Moon, named after the majestic male deer with fully grown antlers, is a full moon that holds immense beauty and mystery. Occurring in July, this celestial spectacle symbolizes transformation and abundance in nature. As we gaze upon the radiant moonlit sky, we can teach our little ones about the cycles of life and the importance of embracing change. Let’s embark on a delightful adventure to discover the wonders of the Buck Moon together!


During the Buck Moon, the illuminated sky offers a perfect opportunity for stargazing. As the moon shines bright, encourage your kids to look for constellations and other celestial objects. Point out the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, or teach them about the story of Orion the Hunter. You can even use mobile apps or online resources to identify different stars and planets visible during this time. By fostering a love for astronomy, we nurture their curiosity and understanding of the universe.

Moonlit Adventures

Apart from stargazing, the Buck Moon presents a chance to explore nature’s nocturnal creatures. Take your little ones on a moonlit adventure in your backyard or a nearby park. Observe how animals and insects behave under the moon’s gentle glow. Look out for fireflies, listen to the symphony of night sounds, and learn about the importance of the moon’s light for various creatures. This experience will not only spark their imagination but also deepen their connection with the natural world.

Craft Activities

Craft activities related to the Buck Moon can further engage children in learning. Encourage them to create their own moon using art supplies or clay. Guide them in shaping deer antlers using craft sticks or pipe cleaners. They can also design moon-themed bookmarks or write short stories about the adventures of a buck under the moonlight. These activities promote creativity and help them internalize the concepts they’ve learned about the Buck Moon.

Celestial World

As the Buck Moon graces our skies, let’s seize this opportunity to nurture our children’s curiosity, imagination, and love for nature. By exploring the wonders of the celestial world, stargazing, observing nocturnal creatures, and engaging in hands-on activities, we can deepen their understanding of the Buck Moon and its significance. Let’s embrace this magical experience together and inspire a lifelong fascination for astronomy and the beauty of our natural world.

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